2450 Sayatkhanum 19 – 1726 Arfa – 1416 Aishat – 1112 Alsona – Tyrsa – 953 Tamsha – 398 Temmi – 391 Taifa 53

Sayatkhanum comes from a damfamily Temmi We can trace this family to the mare
391 Taifa 53.

Tyrsa was born out of 953 Tamsha by 790 Safyan.

1112 Alsona was born in 1955 out of Tyrsa by 213 Sapar Khan. Alsona was mother to the great sire 943 Arslan (by 697 Gelishikli) whose son 1248 Orlan (out of 1631 Oktava) was one of the main breeding stallions in Stavropol Stud. Alsona`s daughters 1094 Aiden (by 828 Fakirpelvan), full sisters 1408 Agava and 1412 Aina (by 697 Gelishikli), 1416 Aishat (by 930 Finish) and 1710 Aisona (by 883 Kaltaman) were valuable broodmares. Aiden was a great grandmother through mare line to a sire 1143 Ashug (out of 2097 Azaliya by 1054 Gylkuiruk). Agava was mother to 1029 Anchar (by 919 Sere) and Aisona is a grandmother to 1132 Amanat 23 (out of 2120 Alabahar 1 by 995 Kerzi).

1416 Aishat was born in 1971 out of 1112 Alsona by 930 Finish. She was mother to 1031 Akhmed (by 960 Mukhtar) – long-time breeding stallion in Stavropol Stud, and 1726 Arfa (by 858 Ametist).

1726 Arfa was born in 1977 out of 1416 Aisha by 858 Ametist. She was mother to such broodmares as 2154 Atlasnaya 2 (by 883 Kaltaman), 2096 Azade 37 (by 870 Garem 11), 2543 Akgozel 39 (by 995 Kerzi) and 2450 Sayatkhanum 19 (by 985 Dagestan). Akgozel was used as a broodmare in Akhalt-Servise Stud in Russia. She was mother to breeding stallions 1122 Aksum (by 1076 Melekush) and Asket (by 1195 Ekemen), Aksum is now used in Dagestan, Asket is at Alania Stud in Slovakia. Akgozel is also mother to such mares as 2554 Algama (by 1076 Melekush), 2552 Alakol (by 1069 Kortik) and Akpay (by 1252 Palmar) – Akpay got the 3rd place in the World Championships in 2004 as a yearling and in 2005 among 2-year olds. Now she is imported to Argamak Stud in Canada.

2450 Sayatkhanum 19 was born in 1985 in Dagestan out of 1726 Arfa by 985 Dagestan. She raced successfully in Tbilisi as 2 and 3 years old. After that she was first used for couple of years in Stavropol Stud in Russia and later until importation to Estonia in 2006 at Akhalt-Service Stud in Russia. Sayatkhanum`s first daughter 2936 Sogdiana (by 1039 Galkan) gave such excellent daughters with 1195 Ekemen as 2935 Sinekchi, Seil, Selesta, Sirena, Svirel, Serbia, Seirana. Sogdiana is now at the Alania Stud in Slovakia, still used in breeding. Sayatkhanum herself gave also very nice foals with Ekemen – 2928 Seziya, now at Alaman Stud in France, also Sevilja, Suleima, Selena. Sayatkhanum gave also such broodmares with 1069 Kortik as 2922 Sakata and 2933 Sikea. Sakata is mother to breeding stallion Samurai standing at Achalteke Tukleky Stud in Czech Republic and Sikea is mother to breeding stallion Stambul at Dalida Achal-Teke Stud, also in Czech Republic. Both stallions are by 1228 Maksut 2. Sayatkhanum herself gave such a great breeding stallion by Maksut 2 as Salam who is now standing at Cascade Gold Akhal-Tekes stud in USA.

At our farm the damfamily Temmi is continued through Sayatkhanum and Sara.

The information is compiled by Kδtlin Leisson with the material of and Akhal-Teke Stud Books and with the help of Petra Marešovα.