It is easy to come to visit us from any part of Europe. We are located about the same distance (250-300km) from Tallinn in Estonia and Riga in Latvia. There are cheap flights by Ryanair, AirBaltic and EasyJet to Tallinn and Riga from many different cities of Europe with duration only for couple of hours. From Riga you can take a bus or a small plane to Tartu or rent a car and drive to us. From Tallinn you can take a bus either via Tartu or directly to Võru (ca 20km from us). It is also possible to take a flight to Helsinki in Finland and then a fast boat to Tallinn. In the case of our possibilities we can also meet you either in Tallinn, Tartu or Riga.

NB! It`s possible to come and stay at our farm for a longer period, to learn the every-day life with Akhal-Teke horses.


NEW! 09.-11.06. Kaido worked at CEI3* in Denmark.

NEW! 06.06. Tonight at 1.30am Akkol had a lovely buckskin colt by Chirchiq A.

NEW! 26.-27.05. Kaido worked at CEI2* in Tersk, Russia.

NEW! 24.05. Tonight at 2.30am Rubai-Geli gave birth to an outstanding buckskin filly by Chirchiq A.

NEW! 19.-20.05 Kätlin worked at CEI2* in Kõrvemaa, Estonia and Kaido at CEI2* in Norway.

09.-10.05. We had a lovely visit by Reiko and Dr. Oba from Japan.

05.05. Today Soynmek left for a new home in South France. Congratulations to the new owner!

27.04. Today we got our last "April" foal - at 1.30am a huge bay filly from Gul-Oylyk by Myrat.

24.04. Tonight we got another two foals, two buckskin fillies - at 8.10pm from Fragariia and 11.20pm from Firiuda. Both fillies are sired by Chirchiq A.

22.04. Today we got two foals! At 9am Belentgyz had a huge palomino filly and at 11pm Sara got a bay colt, both foals are by Serdarjan.

19.04. Tonight at 10.45pm Toidjakhan got a nice bay filly by Myrat.

14.04. Today at 1.10am Pamela got a lovely buckskin colt by Chirchiq A.

13.04. Today at 2am Ayra got a big strong bay colt by Serdarjan.

23.-24.03. Kätlin and Kaido attended the 8th European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress in Antwerp, Belgium. This was the 4th time for us to attend this congress.

28.-29.01. Kätlin and Kaido attended the FEI General Veterinarian Course in Maisons Alfort, France.

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