16 Algir - 8 Aiden

Kir Sakar was born in 1936 and graded Elite in 1949. He is by 16 Algir (Ag Ishan) and
8 Aiden (line unknown). Judging by his name, which means "Pale Grey", he was probably a grey on buckskin. He was almost certainly also sabino. Kir Sakar became a line stallion on the basis of the evaluation of his male descendants, four of which - Kelam, Edenli, Goklen and Karader - are considered by MAAK to be "improvers" of the breed. His best son was Keimir. Nevertheless, Kir Sakar is seen in pedigrees mostly as a broodmare sire, his daughters Kagiz, Karali, Keskelti, Keshte and Kachkyr are seen very frequently in Akhal-Teke pedigrees. The best traits of the line are considered to be a good croup, good size, substance and bone, and exceptionally smooth gaits. Their racing speed is said to be "passable" and in type many are considered fairly plain.