Akkol – 2331 Ker – 1803 Keteni – 1547 Karusel – 1269 Krasota – Aiva – Akkala –
3 Agitacia – Anna

Akkol comes from a damfamily Agit Gul which we can trace back to a mare Anna who was a daughter of Sultan Guli. From Sultan Guli through Sluchai has began such sirelines as Gelishikli and Fakirpelvan, Gelishikli being the most widely spread sireline nowadays, taking about 1/3 of the breed.

3 Agitacia was born in 1924 in Turkmenistan out of Anna by Byashim Mele.

Akkala was born in 1939 out of 3 Agitacia by 115 Kalyan.

Aiva was born in 1947 at Djambulskii Studfarm out of Akkala by 314 Arab Dor.

1269 Krasota was born in 1951 at Djambulskii Studfarm out of Aiva by 454 Koshpeli. She raced as 2 years old in Ashkhabad, though not much but successfully. She was used as a broodmare since 1955 at „40 let TSSR“ in Turkmenistan and since 1959 at Tersk Studfarm.

1547 Karusel was born in 1969 at Tersk Studfarm out of 1269 Krasota by 682 Almaz. Karusel raced as 2 years old in Tbilisi quite many times, but without much success. Since 1973 she was used as a broodmare at Dagestanskii Studfarm. Karusel’s one daughter 1987 Korsika (by 897 Kizil), was mother to 1069 Kortik (by 969 Rokot) who was used a lot at Akhalt-Service Stud and is nowadays one of the main continuer of line Toporbai. Karusel’s another daughter 1976 Karmen (by 970 Sandjar) was used in breeding at Stavropol Stud and among her other foals there was a Champion of the breed at Pyatigorsk in 1994 the mare 2769 Keyikgul
(by 1037 Gaidamak 12).

1803 Keteni was born in 1977 at sovkhoz „Dagestanskii“ out of 1547 Karusel by line founder 919 Sere.

Akkol’s mother 2331 Ker was born in 1984 at Stavropol Studfarm out of 1803 Keteni by 910 Opal. Opal was a son of line founder Fakirpelvan and a great racehorse. Ker herself raced also very successfully as a 2 and 3 years old and among her other prized places, there were 2nd place in Oaks, and 4th place in Prize of Pel, Sprinterskii Prize and Prize RSFSR. Since 1988 she was used as a broodmare, first at Stavropol Stud, later at Russkaya Legenda. Ker’s first foal, mare 2751 Kazarka (by 1060 Zergyar 18) who was used in breeding first in Dagestan and later Aserbaidjan, gave among others such foals as Kazbek 5 (by 1201 Kavkaz 40) – who himself has been used as a sire in Dagestan; full sisters Korona and Kiprik (by 1095 Polot ) who both became Champion and Reserve Champion of Aserbaidjan; and Kayum (by Getman) who got a 2nd place among yearling colts at World Championship in 2004. One of Ker’s other foals, mare Kasatka (by 1099 Serasker) was used in breeding in Czech Republic and stallion Kiparis (also by 1099 Serasker) is in Germany at AT farm Otrar.

At our farm this damfamily is continued through Akkol, Astana, Ayra and Awaza-jan.

The information is compiled by Kätlin Leisson with the material of www.maak.ru and Akhal-Teke Stud Books and with the help of Petra Marešová.