Belentgyz - Bibigiz - 2158 Bazilik – 1434 Aragva – 1108 Alkeik – 1149 Bilbil – 655 Eldrym – 060 Lira

Bibigiz comes from a damfamily Eldrym which we can trace back to a mare 060 Lira whose sire was an English Thoroughbred L´Ermitage. Lira was born in 1930 at studfarm im. Voroshilova in Turkmenistan. She also raced before she was put into breeding in 1937.

655 Eldrym was born in 1938 at studfarm im. Voroshilova in Turkmenistan out of 060 Lira by 87 Dor Depel. Eldrym was used as a broodmare since 1944.

1149 Bilbil was born in 1947 at kolkhoz „Sovet Turkmenistany“ in Turkmenistan out of 655 Eldrym by 432 Karlavach. As 2 and 3 years old Bilbil raced in Ashkhabad and very successfully. Since 1950 she was used in breeding. Among her offsprings there were also damfamily founder 1108 Alkeik and breeding stallion 672 Akbar (by 677 Alam).

1108 Alkeik was born in 1951 at kolkhoz „Sovet Turkmenistany“ in Turkmenistan out of 1149 Bilbil by line founder 432 Karlavach. Since 1959 she was used in Tersk studfarm. Alkeik has become a damfamily founder.

1434 Aragva was born in 1964 at Tersk Studfarm. Both her dam 1108 Alkeik and sire 697 Gelishikli are respectively damfamily and sireline founders. Aragva raced as 2 and 3 years old in Pyatigorsk and Baku quite successfully before she was put into breeding, first since 1968 at Tersk and since 1972 in Dagestanskii Studfarm. Aragva became a very important continuer of her damfamily, during her life she gave 16 foals, including 1891 Azochka (by 883 Kaltaman) – mother to Shael Stud farm’s broodmare 2556 Aldepel 31 (by 995 Kerzi). Aldepel herself has given many very good foals, among others full sisters Narghiz and Rabiyat (by 1166 Gayaz). Aragva’s other daughter 2105 Aimal was mother to breeding stallion and Breed Champion in Pyatigorsk 1295 Hadzh (by 1053 Gumdag) and daughter 2102 Aigul (by 919 Sere) was used for many years at Stavropol Stud.

Aragva’s daughter 2158 Bazilik by line founder 919 Sere is mother to our Bibigiz. Bazilik was born in 1982 at Dagestanskii Studfarm. She raced in Krasnodar as 2 and 3 year old and since 1986 she was used in breeding, first in Dagestan and since 1992 at Stavropol Studfarm. In 2000 she was sold to Dagestan again. Her daughter 2613 Bagira is a broodmare in Aserbaidjan and is mother to Young Champion of Russia Bafina (by 1292 Farid). Bazilik is also mother to a breeding stallion 1033 Beduin (by 949 Dornazarbek).

At our farm the damfamily Alkeik is continued through Bibigiz and Belentgyz.
To this family belong also our stallions Myrat and Kadjaran.

The information is compiled by Kätlin Leisson with the material of and Akhal-Teke Stud Books and with the help of Petra Marešová.