Photo from Konevodstvo i Konnyi Sport, 6/1982


Firiuda – 2965 Fonema 13 – 1876 Feya II – 1374 Fantaziya – 1376 Fergezel – 801 Mama Gezel – 104 Gezel - Guldjakhan

Our mares Firiuda, Fragariia and Fiona come from a damfamily Fantaziya which we can trace back to a mare Guldjakhan.

Guldjakhan’s daughter 104 Gezel by Kara Ennym, born in 1930, was the original founder of this damfamily. She is also mother to sireline founder 697 Gelishikli (by 629 Fakir Sulu). Line Gelishikli is nowadays the most widespread, taking about 1/3 of the breed.

801 Mama Gezel was born out of 104 Gezel by 164 Mamed Amin.

1376 Fergezel was one of the most important continuer of this damfamily. She was born in 1951 out of 801 Mama Gezel by 629 Fakir Sulu. Her daughter 1374 Fantaziya became a new damfamily founder. Another daughter of Fergezel – 1685 Fakiya (by 726 Karat) was mother to two great stallions, full brothers 1101 Turali and 985 Dagestan (both by 935 Yulduz). Fergezel`s daughter 2955 Fargona (by 724 Karakir) was imported to USA and gave among other foals a sire 1141 Astrakhan (by 1240 Melechan).

1374 Fantaziya was born in 1961 out of 1376 Fergezel by 812 Taimaz. Fantaziya became herself a damfamily founder.

1876 Feya II was born in 1974 out of 1374 Fantaziya by 919 Sere. Both her parents are respectively damfamily and sireline founders. Feya II has played a very important part of this damfamily, giving such great broodmares as 2109 Aikhanum 20 (by 986 Derbent) and full sisters 2965 Fonema 13, 2966 Fortuna 16 and 2834 Mesele (all by 985 Dagestan). Aikhanum was a broodmare at Shael Stud farm giving following great offsprings as mares Almagul (by 1083 Omar), Agjai and Aida (both by 1301 Yakor) – latter is mother to young breeding stallion Shaar (by 1166 Gayaz), Akhbeli (by 1185 Jasman), Hanna (by 1166 Gayaz); and stallions Alaman (by 1095 Polot 2) – who was a Champion of the Breed in Pyatigorsk in 1995; 1278 Sere 2 (by 1301 Yakor) and Habib (by 1166 Gayaz) - Habib was imported to Argamak Stud, Canada.

2965 Fonema 13 is mother to our Firiuda and granddam to Serdarjan. Fonema was born in 1987 in Dagestan out of 1876 Feya II by 985 Dagestan. As 2 year old she also raced in Makhachkala but without success. Since 1993 she is used as a broodmare at Stavropol Stud where she has given among other foals a young breeding stallion Feisal (by 1095 Polot 2) who became Reserve Champion of Russia and of the World in 2001.

At our farm the damfamily Fantaziya / Gezel is continued through Firiuda, Fragariia and Fiona and in future also through Feriya and Fuksiya. To this family belong also our stallions Serdarjan and Misha and the gelding Kalibar.

The information is compiled by Kätlin Leisson with the material of www.maak.ru and Akhal-Teke Stud Books and with the help of Petra Marešová.