2939 Sonata – 2059 Sil – 1429 Alkeik – 1213 Kamina – 1373 Fantaziya –
802 Mama Niyaz – 039 Mama Niyaz

Our mares Guli-Star, Kamilotta, Kichidjik and Saryyagyz come from a damfamily Fantaziya which we can trace back to a mare 039 Mama Niyaz.

802 Mama Niyaz was born out of 039 Mama Niyaz by 164 Mamed Amin.

1373 Fantaziya was born in 1951 out of 802 Mama Niyaz by 629 Fakir Sulu. From Fantaziya there come such mares as 1213 Kamina and 1370 Feya. Feya is a great granddam to stallion 1216 Kosedag (Kesedag) – out of 2160 Beini by 957 Kopel.

1213 Kamina was born in 1956 out of 1373 Fantaziya by 736 Keimir.

1429 Alkeik was born in 1970 out of 1213 Kamina by 885 Kambar. Alkeik is mother to mares 2059 Sil (by 917 Sektor) and 2129 Alchak (by 950 Enish) - Alchak is mother to our stallion Kuvvatli (by 990 Karaman) and his full sister Sumrygush who became a breed champion among adult mares in Krasnodar in 1991. Alkeik is also mother to such known sires as Gorgun (by 875 Gurgen) and 1039 Galkan (by 945 Gerden).

2059 Sil was born in 1976 out of 1429 Alkeik by 917 Sektor. Sil`s daughter Sonata was used as a broodmare at Yulduz Stud in Russia. She gave several breeding horses there, three of them by one of the most valued sire 985 Dagestan - one of their foals, Enishli, is now used as a sire at Yulduz Stud; and another foal - 2544 Akgul - is mother to our Kichidjik.

At our farm the damfamily Fantaziya / Mama Niyaz is continued through Sonata`s daughters Guli-Star and Saryyagyz and also through Kichidjik and Kamilotta. To this damfamily belonged also our stallion Kuvvatli.

The information is compiled by Kätlin Leisson with the material of and Akhal-Teke Stud Books and with the help of Petra Marešová.