Kichitorgai - 2870 Ogledje – 2879 Oprava - 2407 Orkhideya - 1631 Oktava – 1627 Ovadan - 1310 Ovgan - 929 Silfa - 374 Selyan 34

Our mares Ozariya and Kichitorgai come from a damfamily Ovgan through next family founder Oktava. This family we can trace back to a mare 374 Selyan 34.

929 Silfa was born out of 374 Selyan 34 by 629 Fakir Sulu who has also sired two sireline founders 697 Gelishikli and 828 Fakirpelvan.

1310 Ovgan was born in 1952 out of 929 Silfa by 458 Lachin and became one of the most significant damfamily founder of Akhal-Teke breed. She is mother to 910 Opal (by 828 Fakirpelvan) – a great racehorse over the time. Ovgan gave also such great daughters as 1627 Ovadan (by 682 Almaz), 2873 Olesya (by 915 Posman) and 1632 Oldja – full sister to Opal. Olesya`s son 1247 Olafkhan (by 932 Khorgos 2) was used as a sire in Switzerland at Gestüt Lindenhof Stud. From Oldja there comes a stallion Gumon - used as a sire at Achalteke Tukleky Stud in Czech Republic; and a great granddaughter of her 2878 Opera (by 969 Rokot) who was a broodmare at Akhalt-Service Stud, being sold now to Geli Stud. Among her other foals Opera gave full sisters (by 1228 Maksut) Olimpia - Reserve World Champion of 2002; Omelia - World Champion of 2001; Omega - Reserve Young World Champion of 2003; and Oinam. Omelia and Omega are now broodmares at Alania Stud in Slovakia and Oinam at Alaman Stud in France.

1627 Ovadan was born in 1963 out of 1310 Ovgan by 682 Almaz. Ovadan`s daughter 1631 Oktava (by 932 Khorgos 2) was very important continuer of this damfamily, being now herself a founder of next damfamily. Ovadan`s another daughter 2875 Oliva (by 858 Ametist) was the first Akhal-Teke mare imported to USA in 1980. There she gave several offsprings with 1276 Senetir – the first Akhal-Teke horse in USA. Their children Senova and 1275 Sengar excelled in eventing, Sengar was also long-listed for the USCTA Olympic Team in 1996. Ovadan`s another daughter 2020 Olviya (by 883 Kaltaman) was mother to mare 2876 Olimpia (by 984 Dagdan) – broodmare in Italy at Mino and Sandra Denti; and stallions Ovoi (by 1248 Orlan - who also comes from this damfamily) – sire in Germany at Achaltekkiner Zuchtstation Angela Brauer; and Ornai 12 (by 1143 Ashug) – a young sire born at Veles Stud, Russia and now in France.

1631 Oktava was born in 1972 out of 1627 Ovadan by 932 Khorgos 2. Oktava became herself a foundation mare of a next damfamily. She has produced such remarkable breeding horses as sires 1083 Omar (by 910 Opal - who also comes from this damfamily), 1248 Orlan (by 943 Arslan), 1301 Yakor (by 1017 Yanichar); and broodmares 2408 Osanna 10 – full sister to Omar (by 910 Opal) and mother to 1249 Osman (by 985 Dagestan), 2407 Orkhideya – full sister to Yakor (by 1017 Yanichar) and 2869 Oglai (by 1039 Galkan).

2407 Orkhideya was born in 1986 out of 1631 Oktava by 1017 Yanichar. Among her other foals there were a broodmare 2879 Oprava (by 967 Pudok) and a Reserve Young Champion of Russia of 2000 Pikirli (by 1095 Polot) who is also now a broodmare there. There is also a son of her - Gecheli (by 1039 Galkan) - a sire at Stavropol Stud.

Oprava was born in 1991 at Stavropol Stud out of 2407 Orkhideya by 967 Pudok. She was used there as a broodmare for many years. There are several daughters and granddaughters of her among Stavropol mare stock. Oprava herself has already produced such great broodmares as 2870 Ogledje (by 1186 Djeikhun) and Otaga (by 1065 Keledjar) – Reserve Young Champion of Russia in 1998. She is also mother to stallions Ormuzd (by 1056 Dasht) and amazing Garayusup (by 1231 Mangit) – Young World Champion of 2002 who is now used as a sire in Dagestan.

Ogledje was born in 1995 at Stavropol Stud out of 2879 Oprava by 1186 Djeikhun. She is also at present a broodmare there. Ogledje`s first foal born there is our Kichitorgai who is one of the Akhal-Tekes produced by artificial insemination of frozen semen of 939 Adat.

At our farm the damfamily Oktava / Ovgan is continued through Kichitorgai and Ozariya. To this family belong also our stallion Kemsiz.

The information is compiled by Kätlin Leisson with the material of and Akhal-Teke Stud Books and with the help of Petra Marešová.