We offer for breeding our purebred AT stallions -

CHIRCHIQ A - line El, bred by Classic Performance Stud, Germany

Artificial insemination with fresh semen - For the safety of the mare and the stallion and also to enable higher hygienic conditions, we do only artificial insemination for breeding the mares. We offer a seasonal price. It means that if the mare does not get pregnant from the first insemination, the next one(s) is/are free of charge (up to 3 times) during the season. You have to pay only for the stableing. The price includes the semen collection, the mare's uterus checking with the ultrasound during the heat and also the pregnancy check.

We are also offering the following veterinary services:

artificial insemination
equine gynecology
equine nutrition consultation
equine surgery
equine medicine
equine orthopedics
horse shoeing
x - ray

We are offering the best possible services to our clients starting from the stableing, feeding, grazing to the whole veterinary care of horses.

Since Estonia is a member of European Union, it is easy and safe to bring horses to our farm for breeding or stableing. We provide assistance with the arrangement of documentation and border crossing.

The Akhal-Teke EST farm is located in the South of Estonia. The nearest airports are Tallinn (ca 300 km) in Estonia and Riga (ca 250 km) in Latvia. It`s only a couple of hours of direct plane flight from most of European airports. Cheap flights are also available.
At our place there is a wonderful country-side for horse-breeding with beautiful nature and plenty of land with sandy earth and woods for a ride.