3074 AKKOL

chestnut - mare
Born: April 21st, 1996 at Russkaya Legenda Stud, Russia
Type: 7,6 Conformation: 8,5 Class: 1

height 155 cm
Line Arab
Family Agit Gul

Akkol is a chestnut Arab-line mare. Her sire is 1121 Akjol 7 who comes from line Arab through 677 Alam. Akkol's dam 2331 Ker (line Fakirpelvan) is a daughter of the famous race horse 910 Opal. Akkol was born in 1996 at the Stud Russkaya Legenda in Russia.

We bought Akkol in January 2002. She is the first purebred Akhal-Teke mare at our stud. She has got very special personality with high intelligence. Akkol is very easy and smooth to ride. She is fearless and has got great stamina. She has got very nice movements and is also noted by MAAK for that.
Akkol participated at the I International Sport Meeting in Moscow in 1998 and got the 4th place among 2 year old mares.
Akkol's sire 1121 Akjol 7 is used for breeding in Aserbaidjan
and is said to be a promising stallion to continue the line Arab through 677 Alam.

Akkol had a purebred bay filly Guana-Kosteka out of
1150 Gaigisiz in 2001 in Russia. Guana-Kosteka was imported by Allegra Steck to the Central Asian Equines Stud, USA
for using as a broodmare.
Akkol has got four foals from Kuvvatli at our farm - mare Alaja in 2003 who unfortunately didn't survive, and colts Kuwwat in 2004, Kelchermek in 2006 and Kuvandyk in 2007. The colt Kuwwat was also exported to the USA. He and his sister Guana-Kosteka were among the very first Akhal-Tekes of line Posman over there.
In 2007 Akkol took a year off from breeding and in 2008 we bred her with our young stallion Myrat. In 2009 we got a long-waited filly Astana out of her and in 2010 we got another filly from her by Myrat, a beautiful bay filly Ayra. In 2012 Akkol brought a lovely big strong filly Awaza-jan by Serdarjan. As we liked this combination very much, then Akkol was bred back to Serdarjan and in 2013 she brought another great filly Ak-Sary by him. A few years later Akkol was bred to Chirchiq A and in June 2017 she got a strong powerful buckskin colt Chalasyn EST by him. The combination was repeated once again and at the age of 24 in 2020 she got another great golden buckskin colt Chagarmak EST.

Sadly you left us in December 2021, all too suddenly as despite of your age you were still in top condition and full of life. We want to thank you for all those years you were with us, you were very special being our very first Akhal-Teke. But you will live on through your descendants - the mares who stay at our farm to continue your bloodlines. You will be greatly missed and never forgotten!


3363 Guana-Kosteka >> mare by 1150 Gaigisiz (line Posman) 2001
Alaja >> mare by 1219 Kuvvatli (line Posman) 2003 (died)
Kuwwat >> stallion by 1219 Kuvvatli (line Posman) 2004
Kelchermek >> stallion by 1219 Kuvvatli (line Posman) 2006
Kuvandyk >> stallion by 1219 Kuvvatli (line Posman) 2007
Astana >> mare by 1586 Myrat (line Posman) 2009
Ayra >> mare by 1586 Myrat (line Posman) 2010
Awaza-jan >> mare by 1690 Serdarjan (line Sere) 2012
Ak-Sary >> mare by 1690 Serdarjan (line Sere) 2013
Chalasyn EST >> stallion by Chirchiq A (line El) 2017
Chagarmak EST >> stallion by Chirchiq A (line El) 2020

Photos of Akkol

1121 AKJOL 7
bay, 1986
Class 1
975 AKTASH 1
black, 1981
854 AKBELEK 2nd 672 AKBAR
1421 AKRA 10 668 ABSENT
1548 KASKA 9
1871 KHUNTA 12
chestnut, 1975
1391 KHUSTKA 19
1622 MINA 5 772 MERKEZ
1423 AKSTAFA 4
2331 KER
sorrel, 1984
910 OPAL
sorrel, 1968
buckskin, 1977
919 SERE 579 SINOK
1195 ENISH
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