Akhal-Teke EST was founded in January 2002 when the first two purebred Akhal-Teke horses were purchased – stallion Kuvvatli (line Posman) and mare Akkol (line Arab). Kuvvatli was already in Estonia, imported in 1994 from Turkmenistan. Akkol arrived to our farm from Moscow.
In summer 2003 the second purebred AT mare Bahar (line Arab) was imported from St.Peterburg. She was pregnant by Matiss (line Arab) when arrived and gave birth to Birinji.
In autumn 2003 we had not-planned addition to our herd by an AT gelding Djemgiet (line Gelishikli). Djemgiet had been imported from Turkmenistan to Estonia with 5 other purebred AT stallions in 1994 – by the way, Kuvvatli was also one of those stallions. Meanwhile Djemgiet had been gelded and used as a hobby-horse.
In summer 2004 we had a 5000 km car trip in Russia where we visited many Akhal-Teke farms. We saw hundreds of purebred Akhal-Teke horses and collected the whole possible data including photos and video of about 200 sale horses. We got great connections with many Akhal-Teke breeders, and could choose some new horses to our AT herd addition. So in winter 2004/2005 six new purebred Akhal-Teke mares – Bibigiz (line Gelishikli), Firiuda (line Gelishikli), Fragariia (line Kaplan), Kichidjik (line Kir Sakar), Kichitorgai (line Gelishikli) and Sonata (line Arab) - from Stavropol and Yulduz farms arrived to Estonia. As two Stavropol mares were pregnant, they soon brought us two wonderful colts – Myrat (line Posman) and Serdarjan (line Sere). These colts have wonderful Akhal-Teke looks and will stay at us. Specially Myrat has got much attention both from Aleksander Klimuk himself from one side, and several Akhal-Teke breeders in Europe and the USA on the other side. We have also started breeding with him and he has already proven himself as a sire.
In November 2006 two more mares arrived to our farm from Russia - Sayatkhanum (line Gelishikli) from Akhalt-Service Stud and Zeinab (line Gelishikli) from stud farm Geli. Sayatkhanum was pregnant by Mikhman (line Fakirpelvan) and got a nice buckskin colt Melesar in May 2007.

In February 2010 three more mares were imported from Russia - Regina and Toidjakhan from Veles Stud, Penza and Khanbibi from Tito & Natalya Pontecorvo stud Ahaltekinec in Dubna. Regina was also pregnant by Gornostay (line Sere) and had a palomino filly in the end of March.

At present there are 29 purebred Akhal-Teke horses at Akhal-Teke EST, among them 3 breeding stallions and 12 broodmares. 30 purebred foals have been born at Akhal-Teke EST from 2003 up to now. The following sirelines are represented at our farm – Posman, Kaplan, Sere, Arab, Gelishikli, Kaplan and Kir Sakar.
Our stallion Kuvvatli is and will be one of our basic stallions having good AT type, great movements and very interesting pedigree. He is recommended for breeding by MAAK and is also well-noted by one of the greatest Akhal-Teke breeders Mr. Aleksander Klimuk.

Last but not least we have got a really rare and unique frozen semen of an exceptional AT stallion Gulistan who was a son of a line-founder Kaplan himself. Gulistan had passed away more than 25 years ago, but as far as we know, he was never used in purebred breeding. As there aren’t very many doses of his frozen semen left, we plan to use him only on our best AT mares. In 2006 we succeeded to get our mare Sonata pregnant from the frozen semen of Gulistan and in May 2007 the black filly Guli-Star was born! This was really exciting, as Guli-Star is the very first purebred foal of Gulistan and she was born over 20 years after Gulistan himself had passed away!

We haven’t had many Akhal-Teke horses for sale so far, but those who have been offered, are sold to Czech Republic, Finland, France, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, the U.A.E. and the USA.

Akhal-Teke EST is a member of MAAK and is following the suggestions and advices in breeding only of the best specialists in AT breed. Akhal-Teke EST is also a member of Akhal-Teke Horse Association. On the request of latter we had the honour to attend the AT Show in Ettelbrück, Luxembourg as judges in 2007. In August 2010 we got the invitation to Turkmenistan by Turkmen Atlary to beacome foundation members of new International Ahalteke Horse Breeding Association (IAHA).

The Akhal-Teke EST stud is managed mainly by Kätlin Leisson and Kaido Puusepp who are both veterinarians specialised on horses (see here).