Ata Khodjanok young – Khotcha Kor

Ak Belek was a grey sabino, born in 1931 in Turkmenistan and eventually acquired by Soviet Turkmenistan. His name means "White waist," which probably referred to the white sabino (or probably rabicano) markings on his flanks. Ak Belek was the only line sire believed to have been a pinto - and the only one to trace in the tail-male line to an English Thoroughbred. The line of Ak Belek is rare today, but having Thoroughbred grandsire or not, it has been an extremely valuable one. According to Dr. Tatyana Ryabova, current editor of the Stud Book: "Through his tail-male line he descends from Fortingbrass - which appears to be grounds to dislike the line among several modern specialists who are ready to use very strict measures to eradicate it. Nevertheless, Ak Belek himself was clearly of the essential Akhal-Teke type and conformation. ... It is impossible to forget that without the splendid mare [of this line] Pobeda, we would not have the magnificent Peren, founder of one of the most useful modern lines." From the photo above you can see that this is true. The three Akhal-Teke grandparents have completely overridden the Thoroughbred influence of the fourth, Fortingbrass. Ak Belek’s dam was daughter of 198 Posman. Ak Belek was well known to sire foals who were every bit as typey as himself. His daughters were particularly successful broodmares.