4 Ag Ishan - Akhal-Teke mare

We know very little of Arab`s ancestors. Arab`s dam is simply listed as "Akhal-Teke Mare". Arab was a great grandson of 2a Boinou. He was not officially awarded a line of his own until 1990, after 14 years of evaluation of his descendants by the then Soviet Institute of Horse Breeding. His line has been bred for his particular affinity to classical horse sports. He was an excellent performer in his day, a participant in the Askhabad - Moscow trek, stallion of the year at the 1945 Moscow Horse Show, many times the jumping champion of the Soviet Union and holder of a high-jump record (2.19 meters, set at the age of 16), which stood for the breed until very recently. He is also thought to be a lead horse in the victory parade after World War II (but this fact is not proved yet). Mostly, however, he is known as the sire of 668 Absent.
Today, the Arab line is available through 668 Absent and 677 Alam.