2a Boinou - Oraz Niyaz Karadashli

175 Melekush (golden buckskin) was born in 1909 in Turkmenistan. He wasnít very big (152 cm) but very typey stallion. He was the last son born to 2a Boinou, born in fact the year following Boinou's death. In 1914 Mele Kush was taken to Zakaspiiski farm for using as a sire. In the beginning he couldnít be used for breeding much enough because he had been frequently racing under doping and his reproductive ability was affected. But after treatment he sired some foals.
The line of 175 Melekush was continued through his sons 172 Mele Ker and Suncheli. Through Suncheliís son
268 Chumuch new line Sapar Khan was started.