Bek Nazar Al - Kul Murat Shakhar

The line of grey sabino Posman (born 1918) is one of the oldest, having been recognized by Mr. Belonogov, editor of the first studbook, very early in the book's inception. Little is known of Posman himself. Posman is one of two sons of Bek Nazar Al to be recognized with a line of his own. Posman was considered a true standout horse by the Turkmen who bred him. He was a successful racehorse at the shorter distances becoming popular on the tracks at the time. He was considered to have a short back and flat croup, which are handed down the line "even through the broodmares." Posman was sold to North Caucasus from where he was taken to Kazakhstan. By time his descendant 742 Kermek 7 got back to Posman's mother country Turkmenistan again.
A good deal of intriguing information is known about Posman's most famous descendant, 895 Kermek 2. This bay stallion was born at the Lenin Collective Stud in the Geok Tepe region of Turkmenistan and was acquired by the Ashkabad Racetrack where he sired two foals who inherited his excellent conformation: the black stallion
990 Karaman and the mare Peiker. He was then acquired by the collective farm "40 Years of the Turkmenian Soviet Socialist Republic" but his services were practically unused. He died "under mysterious circumstances" while being hauled back to the racetrack. Karaman turned out to be an "effective" stallion in his own right, siring also the famous sire, a buckskin stallion 1150 Gaigisiz. Gaigisiz himself turned out to be one of the most spectacular sire of nowadays and so to say, "saved" the line. He has given many champions of the breed. His offsprings are also proved themselves as excellent breeding horses.
Today most horses of Posman's line are descended from Gaigisiz but also through some other sons of Karaman. At our farm line Posman is continued through Karaman's son 1219 Kuvvatli and through Gaigisiz`s grandson Myrat.